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Evaluation of antique jewellery: an overview

Evaluation of antique jewelry-know what your aim is

You can own antique jewelry and have an interest in selling the piece. What happens if you do not know anything about the jewelry’s worth? Surely, you should get an appraisal of jewelry done correctly by a professional. Before you make an appointment for the assessment of the item, be sure you know what is needed for insurance purposes: If you are buying an item old or trying to sell, to confirm the value of an item you already own, or to update your will with its value.

Evaluation of antique jewelry-is your most special of general purpose?

If your aim is something special, an heirloom for example, obtain an evaluation from someone reliable. You can start with an expert in the Middle, but we recommend that you see a specialist in ancient estimates if they are expensive stones or diamonds or exquisite designs what’s your piece. Contact the recognized organizations worldwide as the international society of appraisers, American Society of appraisers or the Association of experts in America to get references or guidance on this matter.

Antique jewelry appraisals often cost for the appointment and orientation. When something more than a meter above the formal evaluation is done, could cost a significant amount of money. So, don’t spend more than what your needs. Negotiate the jewelry item estimated initial costs. A jewelry expert with experience would be able to say that this is based on the time that you will need to complete the assessment. An expert in antiques should not charge a fixed percentage of the price of an item of estimated. If this is the case, you need to find someone else to assess jewelry.

If you want to end, there may be some admirers who organize the auctions you are ready to give free valuations if you allow them to auction your piece of jewelry.

Jewelry appraisal for insurance or tax deduction: get it in writing

The reasons for the assessments of old are not always the same. If you want something old to get evaluated for insurance or tax purposes, do so in writing. Definitely will help in selling real estate. Just inform the estimate that you need an appraisal to find the retail value of an antique piece, which is normally exceeds its market value.

Get your item pretty much controlled by the evaluator

It takes more than images, written descriptions and email to make an appraisal of antique jewelry. The evaluator must see and check for jewelry. Although the photographs may help to some extent, he can’t say if the piece of jewelry is not an original or what kind of quality gemstones and diamonds are.

Ancient jewelry appraisal – some useful tips

If you buy a bud or a diamond, don’t expect the lowest price to be the best ever value as items vary greatly in quality and value as well. A true one carat diamond can cost more than $ 35,000, while you can find the diamond of the same size to $ 500 in a “low grade”.

Antiquariata assessment must be carried out by an independent expert and certified jewelry and not from any personal archive. For the best pricing, look for an expert who will be honest with you about the value of your jewelry.

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