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Overactive sweat glands

It can be a very embarrassing situation have overactive sweat glands because people assume that if you sweat a lot is because you do not wash. Plain and simple you have this idea that everyone has to be clean and tidy.

Overactive sweat glands produce sweat more then average people. Most of the time this happens in the armpits, but many people experience this in their hands, on the bottom of their feet or in the groin area. This problem can be very annoying.

According to experts of overactive sweat glands can also cause other problems. Can be signs of thyroid problems or problems with the nervous system. It is also difficult for people with this situation because the areas that have access to sweat can be cracked and scaly and usually the area will smell bad.

Other challenges can occur depending on where your problem sits on your body. For example, if you have sweaty hands all the time, it will be difficult to grab things or to use their hands a lot.

Some medications for other problems can also make your body begins to sweat more. A good rule of thumb on this is talking to your doctor. When you talk to your doctor, the first thing they will do is to look at the area that is sweating and in this case could be several places.

Will Office tests to determine how much sweating there is and if there is more than one person sweats naturally. Some doctors use a test card to check the overactive sweat glands, where they use a special paper that they put in the area. After that it is saturated, weigh. They know the weight of the Charter as there is no sweat.

Another test for overactive sweat glands they do; is a starch iodine test where they put a solution of iodine in the area, let it dry and then put starch on it. The area will turn blue when the sweat is overkill. With these two tests, your doctor may make other recommendations.

There are basic treatments for overactive sweat glands that begin with a prescription deodorant and then can go to more serious treatments such as Botox or surgery to remove the sweat glands; This happens only in very extreme cases.

The bottom line is that if you think you have overactive sweat glands you should check with your doctor to see if is Hyperhidrosis or some other disorder.

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